It’s Gonna Be OK: Reflecting on 2020

It’s Gonna Be OK: Reflecting on 2020

It’s Gonna Be OK: Reflecting on 2020

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It has been an absolutely unexpected, frightening, and challenging year. In 2020, we the people have undergone racial upheaval, economic decline, intense political challenges, and a global health crisis. Personally, I suddenly became very vocal about my experiences and points of view as a black woman in America with managers at work, on social media, and in conversations with loved ones. Then my grandmother died out of loneliness and confusion due to COVID-19, which disrupted family visitation rights in nursing homes. The responsibilities of caring for my disabled mother had only increased with medical bills piling up, assets requiring constant oversight, and the hope for substantial recovery becoming a distant reality. My mother and I had been feeling isolated, longing to be near family for more emotional and physical support. So, I purchased a home and moved her from California to Tennessee to be in arms reach of family and to benefit from lower healthcare costs. And now, I long to be with my friends, a wonderful man I had been dating, and my church community. Leaving the life I knew behind was so very unexpected and challenging.

So, how did I cope with all of this? In all transparency, there were tearful days and moments of pure disgust or anger at the state of my world. But, I managed to find and create blessings that provided a sense of peace in the midst of the chaos.

While driving one day, I heard a song I had never heard before called “You’re Gonna Be OK” by Jenn Johnson. The lyrics practically illuminated my spirit! It’s as if all of the worries and anxieties I sent to God through prayers had finally generated a response from Him, which said “Michelle, I know it’s hard trying to keep it all together, but it’s gonna be okay”. That song immediately became my anthem, my blessing. It was essential to helping me find peace in 2020 by letting go of a majority of the stress that had been too much for me to carry alone. It also led me to confidently make the life-changing decision to relocate with my mother to another state and let go of the voiceover studio I had created at home in California. In an effort to bless someone else during this challenging year, I decided to give away part of my studio by holding a public contest, where the voice talent who performed the best read of Jenn Johnson’s song lyrics would receive my homemade sound booth.

And the winner of that contest? Voiceover Talent Tony E. Walker! Listen as he speaks these words of guidance and comfort during troubling times:

These lyrics have pulled me through the uncertainty of 2020 and enlightened me to the fact that I somehow managed to keep making strides in my voiceover journey. This year, I appeared on two podcasts, with another planned before the year is over. I completed four voiceover projects for clients. And despite giving my sound booth away to Tony, I was able to re-create my voiceover recording studio in my new home within 2 months of moving in. I started an 8-week acting class to help me sharpen my voice acting skills. Then, in my proudest VO moment so far, Adobe Inc. approached me and asked that I be their voice talent for a products and services commercial! I now see that not all is lost this year and that my VO dreams need not be deferred, so long as I don’t give up and don’t give in. And if I simply put one foot in front of the other, I’m gonna be OK.

How would you summarize your 2020? What has been your silver lining?

Posted: December 1, 2020
Author: Michelle Francine Turner
Editor: Michelle Francine Turner

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