Cherish, can you hear me?

Cherish, can you hear me?

Cherish, can you hear me?

Cherish Brown's Your Creative Best Podcast

To me, being asked to discuss your creative journey on a podcast for the first time is sort of like confessing all of your sins to a priest or pastor. It requires deep reflection, honesty, and vulnerability. There is a risk of exposure to judgement or criticism. So, going on Cherish Brown’s podcast show, be like:

But in the end, it was a blessing. It was freeing. And, it certainly was fun!

Now, I had started following Cherish Brown on Instagram back in the Spring of 2019, but I didn’t know her. What caught my attention was that she would be running a voiceover and public speaking bootcamp.

It was exciting to find a unique and intimate opportunity that would allow me to develop my skills without spending thousands of dollars on a packed conference at a convention center all the way across the country. Also, Cherish had a flare and style that I really loved to see in, what I consider to be, an up-and-coming female entrepreneur.

Then in June of 2019, my interest in voiceover projects suddenly stopped. My mother became ill. My dreams to build a small business died. I focused only on her and my full-time job, while trying to maintain a dating life and my supportive friendships. I didn’t think my desire to pick up a microphone would ever return again.

But, you know what? You never know when God is going to move the heavens and the earth to answer a prayer or try to get your attention. On April 19th, 2020 Cherish Brown sent me a direct message on Instagram. 


She said “I’ve checked out your profile and website and absolutely love your approach and skill with voiceover art…(I LOVE your voice!)”. I thought to myself, “Is she talking to me?!?” I had all but abandoned my dream, or at least stopped taking it seriously. There had been too much on my plate for months, but now this? Well, during a time when my dreams had been deferred, the direct message, and my podcast conversation with Cherish, encouraged me to keep my hope alive. Now, I am back to work and I am thrilled to see where the next few months will take me! 

Can you relate? Listen to my conversation with Cherish and let me know…

Posted: May 26, 2020
Author: Michelle Francine Turner
Editor: Michelle Francine Turner

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