How I Built an In-Home Sound Booth (1 of 3)

How I Built an In-Home Sound Booth (1 of 3)

Part 1: Parts, Passion, and Persistence

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So, why did it take me so long to write this blog post? Because I have a day job at, hands down, one of the best companies in the world! And, due to some exciting changes in my role at work, I haven’t had the mental space and time to dedicate to my newfound love, voiceover and audio production. However, it’s a new year and I feel inspired and empowered to rededicate my free time to an activity I genuinely enjoy.

I was a green, aspiring voiceover talent embarking on a journey to learn what she could about the industry and practice in July 2016. If I wasn’t reading eLearning scripts for work, I was certainly rehearsing for several presentations. Many colleagues said I had a knack for it, so I started my coaching sessions with Such A Voice. By October 2016, I was hooked! It was as if I turned into a mad scientist, obsessed with the idea of starting a freelance business, providing the highest quality product, and building her own sound booth.

My brother always had an ear for music, recording and producing songs. “Hey, you were always making your own sound booths and makeshift recording studios back in the day,” I said to my brother. “I need something lightweight, portable, and easy to construct on my own…a voiceover booth that will diminish reverb I hear in my recordings…what do you suggest”? He immediately started sending me pictures he found on the Internet and said, “If I were going to build something portable and lightweight, I’d stick to PVC pipe”.

So, I went to work. I measured the available space in my home office, sketched a diagram with the desired dimensions of the booth, and created a shopping list based off of what I saw in the example pictures my brother sent me: 

Initially, I did a bit of research to determine how much all of this would cost me. I figured I would be out about $300, but knew it would be worth it to eliminate all the reverb I was experiencing in my little home office during a recording.

So, I was all in! Ready to commit to this project…but…I couldn’t do it alone…

Posted: May 23, 2019
Author: Michelle Francine Turner
Editor: Angela Ferrannini Nielsen

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  1. i admire your perseverance and hard work. i’m praying for this area of your life. when God directs our steps, He receives the glory in what we do. you are a great example of taking the ball and running with it! love you!!! 🙂

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