How I Built an In-Home Sound Booth (3 of 3)

How I Built an In-Home Sound Booth (3 of 3)

Part 3: Perfection Until It Hertz

microphone with text reading "Keep Calm and Start Recording"
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A sound booth without a roof wasn’t going to cut it! At this point, I had spent $350 to $400 and wasn’t looking to investing much more.   The solution? Cardboard, acoustic panels, and some felt fabric from Michaels.   With the panels taped on to the carboard, I wrapped the fabric around it and sewed everything in place. It was perfect! Later, I worked on sewing panels into the walls of my booth and taping them to the walls in my office to diminish the reverb in the room.
acoustic foam panels on the walls in my office
The taped acoustic foam panels on the walls in the office.
The background noise in my audio recordings was reduced dramatically and I was well on my way to producing that high-quality voiceover I had only imagined.   My brother was visiting from out of town and he said, “You need better equipment if you are going to be a professional”. So, we went to Guitar Center. And let’s just say that my original budget for this project was stretched just a tad. Within a week, my new home studio and sound booth were equipped with a Rode NT1 Condenser Microphone, Universal Audio Apollo Twin Solo Interface, and Pro Tools software. About $1,700 later…
microphone, stand, audio interface, headphones, and a sound booth
Brand new voice over equipment and the finished sound booth.
Voiceover sound booth with the lights off.
Lights out…a small battery operated light bulb is placed inside the booth.

The time, money, and energy invested into this project was worth it. My recordings ascended to a whole new level of audio quality. I was motivated to learn more about audio editing and mastering. I also discovered and uncovered a newfound level of confidence in my ability to start freelancing as a voiceover talent.

So, how much money and time can you expect to spend on a similar project? Here is my total cost breakdown:

  • Materials = $400
  • Audio Equipment = $1,300
  • Software = $300
  • Sweat Equity = 8 to 15 hours

Want to learn more about this journey? Need the right voice talent to bring your next project to life? I’d love to hear from you!

Posted: June 12, 2019
Author: Michelle Francine Turner
Editor: Angela Ferrannini Nielsen

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